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ATOL proprietary “back of house” technology is unmatched in our industry, period!

It all starts with our online Therapist Portal. The Portal is our Therapist’s one stop shop for all of their ATOL; documents, training materials, scheduling information, and payment information and history, and much more! Each Therapist has their own individual login credentials to their completely secure and personal dashboard.

The ATOL App

Launched in the summer of 2018, the ATOL is THE most technologically advanced casino massage app in the industry. Our App is used by our Therapist and radically streamlines, and provides data, for business operations. With the App, our Therapists:

  • Check-in and out for their shifts with location tracking.
  • Work with their schedules, including trading and picking up open shifts.
  • Receive notifications from ATOL regarding important news and messages.
  • See their entire financial history.
  • The App also tracks data for each massage (time, location) that can be compiled into reports for the casino.